Lbs 861 4to

Manuscript Contents

Narrative poetry (rímur) in Icelandic

1. Jóns rímur leiksveins (1r–6v)

Rubric: Rymur af Jöne Leiksueine.
Rubric: fyrsta ryma.
Incipit: Blies ä fyrda sylke søfn, sætumm ästar Anda. þvi mun eg fijsast Durnis Drøfn, dijre er snöt ad blande. Mijn hafa Augun eina sied, Vnne grechis Landa, þeirre er [00] allra Lyta lied, Linde frænindz Branda #
Explicit: fieck þar Riddarinn fleige nifft, folldar vagnu valla, huørt var barned harme svifft, hier munu wijsur falla # kved Eg huj fꜳtt Vmm Draupnis dijs, Droos er vønd ad oode, Styrdnar bragur enn St-

ande ÿs, edur stytte menn af hlioode.

Note: Three rímur, complete, thought to have belonged between items 6 and 7 of the larger manuscript AM Access. 22 along with Lbs 880 4to.

Physical Description

Support: Paper
Number of leaves: 6
Dimensions (leaf): 188 mm x 147 mm
Catchwords: Yes, with a straight underline (traces are visible on fols 2v, 3r–v, 4r–v, 5v).
Foliation: There is no remaining evidence of foliation or pagination.
Condition: Poor. The leaves have crumbled away at the edges, resulting in some loss of text around the edges. These 6 leaves were once part of the larger rímur manuscript AM Access. 22.
Number of hands: 1
Scribe: Jón Þórðarson
Decoration: Rubrics and slightly enlarged initials are used at the beginning of each of the three rímur, and the first line of each is written in a higher level of script as the rubrics, instead of the cursive script used elsewhere (fols 1r, 3v, 5r).
Date of origin: 1695
Place of origin: Iceland
Provenance: The leaves originally belonged to the larger collection AM Access. 22, owned at the end of the 19th century by Björn Líndal (1876–1931), who got it from Guðmundur Árnason a poor husmaður from Miðfjörður in the north of Iceland (Húnavatnssýsla), who in turn got it from an old farmer called Einar of the farm Urriðaá in the same area. The leaves here (and possibly also those now under the shelfmark Lbs 880 4to), were removed and sold to the National Library of Iceland by Björn Líndal during his time as a student in 1895–1901 because the library was only willing to purchase those texts it did not already have copies of (see Loth 1982: 225).

Repository: Landsbókasafn–Háskólabókasafn Íslands, Reykjavík
Collection: Landsbókasafn (Lbs)
Shelfmark: Lbs 861 4to
Other identifier: No. 1178 in Páll Eggert Ólason’s catalogue (1918: 377)
See also: AM Access. 22 and Lbs 880 4to

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