Month: September 2018

New on the website: An index of texts


Detail of a larger visualization showing the texts Magnús Jónsson had access to in his library; each text is linked to the manuscript(s) in which it is copied. Created by SMW.

Creating an index of the hundreds of different texts preserved in the various manuscripts in Magnús Jónsson í Vigur’s library has been an ongoing process throughout the project. Recently, in addition to preparing the list for publication here on the project website (more on this below), I have been experimenting with visualization tools to see how the texts and manuscripts can be mapped and connected. The above image comes from one such experiment, which I made using Palladio. My hope is to analyse the data further and to draw up my findings for publication, along with full visualizations, once I have a complete list to work with.

While the index is still not complete, close to 400 texts have now been added to a new page on the website (Texts, also added to the website’s main navigation menu). All sagas and major prose texts have been added; much of remains to be added now are individual poems and hymns from a small handful of manuscripts containing poetry, as well as individual very short prose texts (like exempla) found in larger collections of literature.

The index cross-references an alphabetical list of texts against the manuscript(s) they are copied into, and where possible, also links directly to the manuscript catalogue pages (shown in the screenshot below). More links will be added as further manuscript descriptions are completed and added to the website.


Screenshot from the index of texts and the manuscripts that contain them, with direct links to catalogue entries in red.