Copenhagen, Royal Library

Two manuscripts now in Copenhagen’s Royal Library (in Danish, Det Kongelige Bibliotek), Nks 1220 and 2405 fol., were both among the final books produced for Magnús í Vigur, and both were copied by his scribe and foster-son Magnús Ketilsson. It is furthermore through these two manuscripts that we know this scribe’s handwriting since he signs his name in them both.

A third manuscript (Nks 1141 fol.) is furthermore a copy of a book of poetry copied by two scribes for Magnús Jónsson, evident from the copy of the title page with which that manuscript begins, but whose original is now lost. It is included here in the list of manuscripts associated with Magnús í Vigur as an indication of the poetry its exemplar contained, which made up a part of his library.

Manuscripts commissioned by Magnús

  1. Nks 1220 fol. (also known as Vigursbók, intended to be a single unit with AM 426 fol.)
  2. Nks 2405 fol.

Manuscripts connected to Magnús

  1. Nks 1141 fol. (an 18th-century copy of a manuscript made for Magnús in 1699–1700)


Last updated: 2018-04-26