Copenhagen, Arnamagnæan Institute

There are two manuscripts now in the Arnamagnæan Collection (in Danish, Den Arnamagnæanske Samling) in Copenhagen that were probably connected to Magnús í Vigur: AM 284 4to and Rask 33.

AM 284 4to contains an incomplete copy of Hrólfs saga kraka, followed by two short verses composed by Magnús í Vigur.

Rask 33 was added to the Arnamagnæan Collection after the death of linguist Rasmus Christian Rask (1787–1832), along with other Old Norse–Icelandic manuscripts once in his possession. It is a composite manuscript, the main, older part of which was copied in 1680 by Þórður Jónsson, one of Magnús’s most prolific scribes. It is therefore possible that this manuscript was made for him.

  1. AM 284 4to
  2. Rask 33


Last updated: 2018-04-26