Reykjavík, Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies

There are eleven manuscripts (ten plus evidence of an eleventh) that were probably once associated with Magnús í Vigur, which are now in the Arnamagnæan Collection in Reykjavík (in Icelandic, Stofnun Árna Magnússonar). Only four of them, however, were commissions produced for him in the seventeenth century. Two others were copied by him, excerpts from rímur and three letters gathered into a larger collection. Five other manuscripts are known or believed to have been owned by Magnús and made up part of his library of literature.

Manuscripts commissioned by Magnús

  1. AM 120 fol.
  2. AM 426 fol. (intended to be a single unit with Nks 1220 fol.)
  3. AM 148 8vo (also known as Kvæðabók úr Vigur)
  4. AM Access. 22 (also known as Kálfavíkurbók, once a single unit with Lbs 861 4to and Lbs 880 4to)

Manuscripts connected to Magnús

Manuscripts written by Magnús himself

  1. AM 601 c 4to (rímur excerpts copied by Magnús, c. 1675–1700)
  2. Three letters preserved in AM 1058 III 4to (a larger collection of letters; those from Magnús to Jón Jónsson at Holt are dated 1662, 1663, and 1672)

Manuscripts owned by Magnús or presumed to have been part of his library

  1. AM 239 fol. (1350–1400, lives of the apostles: given to Magnús by Magnús Magnússon á Eyri in 1670)
  2. AM 253 4to (17th century, canon law and documents about marriage: owned by Magnús)
  3. AM Steph. 9 (17th century, law codes Grágás and Jarnsíða: owned by Magnús and inherited by his daughter Kristín, as noted on the front flyleaf)
  4. AM Steph. 58 (17th century, various laws and articles: owned by Magnús; several items were copied by his scribe Þórður Jónsson in 1658)
  5. A lost fragment of several rímur, noted by Árni Magnússon on a slip bound into the mid-sixteenth century rímur manuscript AM 604 a 4to (acc.mat. 5r: “Þetta rïmna fragment […] er komid ur Vigur”)


Last updated: 2018-04-26