Month: January 2018


It’s very exciting to be able to launch this online resource in association with my Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship. The research project, with the acronym ICELANDIC SCRIBES, has post-medieval mansucripts and scribes at its heart. While the project is now very close to its formal end, the work is far from complete. The website is also launching as a work-in-progress, and it will take a while to add all of the data I have been collecting and working with over the course of the project. As pages are updated and new pages about manuscripts and scribes are added, this will be announced with a blog post. These will be accessible via the main landing page and on the sidebar under “News Archive”. Other news – e.g. conference papers and publications relating to or resulting from the project – will also appear here. Feedback is always welcome!

Copenhagen, Royal Library NKS 1220 fol.

Copenhagen, Royal Library NKS 1220 fol., detail of the start of chapter 4, Njáls saga (f.3v). Photo: SMW.

Funded by the European Commission, the ICELANDIC SCRIBES project is a 2-year investigation of a collection of 17th-century hand-written books commissioned by one man and written out by a small but significant network of scribes. The project considers how these manuscript books are linked with both the rural Icelandic community in which they were produced and the wider networks of literacy and reading culture in early modern Scandinavia. A more detailed project abstract can be found on the About page.

This website is meant to be a place for sharing the results of the project and the resources that are coming out of it, including catalogue descriptions of the various manuscripts in the collection under investigation. Some of the catalogue descriptions will have been created from scratch during the project; others have been built upon and/or modified from existing XML-based catalogue descriptions made available for academic purposes, and this will be noted in each case.

All photos included on this website were, unless otherwise noted, taken by project leader Sheryl McDonald Werronen (SMW) for research purposes and with the permission of the libraries that hold the original manuscripts.

Overall, the information shared on this website is done so under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

And finally, if you find the material here useful and would like to build on it or refer to it in your research or teaching, please do also let me know!